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Three Rivers Gastronomy creates beautiful wood planks for your kitchen. These are a result of desiring to make plain, boring cedar planks more interesting… so we threw them in a laser engraver. The results looked good and smelled even better.

And, it comes as no surprise that this improved aroma in the laser-etched wood produces an improved flavor in the food that is being prepared with it.

The planks you see here came from working with chefs, scientists, engineers, and artists in the Pittsburgh area. We’re proud to share our planks with you.

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Our beautifully engraved, aromatic wood planks will change the way you cook.

In the act of making a more beautiful wood plank for guests, we stumbled upon a method of improving the flavor of wood plank cooked food. It’s officially called “non-enzymatic browning,” but that’s a fancy way of saying “roasted awesomeness.”

We use a laser to precisely roast your plank. Roast, not char.  Browning is much different than burning; in the same way that searing a steak is much different than putting grill marks on it.  A wood burner will not produce this effect.  And the appearance is unparalled!   Cellulose will caramelize the same way that sucrose caramelizes to produce caramel for apples and ice cream sundaes.  And the way that lactose caramelizes to produce Dulce de Leche.  Cellulose has been identified as a significant contributor to the color change of coffee as it is roasted, although no single organic compound is solely responsible for the flavor change of the wood during roasting.

This process enables a direct transfer of roasted flavor to the food being cooked. This occurs with all methods of cooking, not just grilling.  In fact, our favorite method for Salmon is Sous Vide.

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A little about us.

A Service-Disabled Veteran owned business

Our founder is a decorated post 9/11 Combat Veteran and an Alumni member of the Wounded Warrior Project. We are committed to solving Veteran transition issues, by employing Veterans and assisting those organizations (such as the Wounded Warrior Project and others) that provide our Veterans with the help they need to rejoin and enjoy the benefits of our Nation.

American Made & Sourced

Our products are American made and sourced from American companies.  Our cedar planks are manufactured specifically for cooking.  All lubricants in the equipment are food grade.  We will always strive to source our products from local and domestic sources.

Started in TechShop Pittsburgh

We will be forever grateful to TechShop for providing one year Veteran scholarships.  It is a supportive atmosphere occupied by an eclectic group of creative people and a skilled advisory staff.  Anyone that is concerned about our Nation’s future can be reassured by stopping by a TechShop to observe that Yankee ingenuity is alive and well.

A Brand New Way to Cook

Our Patent Pending planks are truly innovative.  It is a brand new way to infuse Salmon with Cedar flavor that is not possible with planks that have not been roasted.  The Sous Vide technique especially, because it doesn’t work at all without our planks.  And we also have a way to do it at home without a vacuum sealer or a Sous Vide machine.

"They're Too Pretty to Burn"

We get that a lot.  Our planks often end up on desks and coffee tables.  They are passed around as conversation pieces.  This was not the intended purpose but we certainly don’t mind. Even if you don’t cook with our planks, they’re beauty and aroma can still be an enhancement for the host that wishes to impress his or her guests with their table-setting as well as their food.  We offer our plate-sized planks in four packs for this purpose. It is a unique gift for anyone, even non-Foodies.

Wood Plank Cooking 101

Is the idea of cooking with wood planks new to you?  We can help.  We didn’t invent it we only improved upon it.  Wood plank cooking dates back to the Native Americans in North America and even earlier in other parts of the World.  There is no lack of  information on the subject, but we do have a few unique tricks. We are interested in developing a repository of success stories and in addressing any concerns.

We work with some cool people

Designs straight from local artists.

Lizzee Solomon
Graphic Artist Extraordinaire.
Lizzee Solomon is an artist and designer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in Studio Art and a minor in Hispanic Studies.

In addition to freelancing and producing artwork, Lizzee works in online marketing, and as an instructor at TechShop Pittsburgh.

She is deeply involved in the Pittsburgh creative community, exhibiting her artwork throughout the city, and participating in art performances and events. Lizzee also enjoys cooking, and sharing wonderful meals with friends.

She invites you to check out her work at lizzeesolomon.com

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